Photo Village
The Donggang Photography Museum is the living center of Donggang and Yeonggwol

Photo Village


From the beginning of time, Yeongwol has kept and cherished our culture in the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Standing in the doorway of the 21st century, we begin to think what we can leave our descendants that will hold great value and will last through time.

A hundred and sixty years has passed since the invention of photography. Since then, it has become deeply rooted in everyday culture. Photography has been used as a witness to historical events, as a creative medium portraying people's emotions, and as a tool to communicate what we cannot put into the words.

Yeongwol citizens have kept and cultivated our proud cultural inheritance and have maintained this beautiful create a new tradition that can bring the world into the heart of Dong Gang through the power of photography. We also want to share the untamed nature and energy of the Yeongwol citizens with everyone throughout the world. Standing before you, we proudly present Yeongwol as the first Village of Photography in Korea.

September 1, 2001
Yeongwol-gun ganwon-do
Management Committee of Dong Gang Village of Photography