Photo Festival
The Donggang Photography Museum is the living center of Donggang and Yeonggwol

Photo Festival

Dong Gang International Photo Festival has been held every summer since 2002 in
Dong Gang Photo Village that came up to be Korea's first Photo Village in 2001, the first year of the 21century

Dong Gang Museum of Photography, the cradle of Korean Photography, was broken ground in 2004. And it was completed in July 2005 as Korea's first public museum of Photography. Dong Gang Museum of Photography is a big significance in terms of the second public museum of Photography in Asia after Tokyo Museum of Photography in Japan.

Since Dong Gang Photo Festival made rapid progress, it has been placed as Korea's representative Photo Festival both in name and reality, encouraging participation of photographers of Korea as well as residents of Yeongwol.


In order to grow into more international event after coming a long way, the name was changed from Dong Gang Photo Festival to Dong Gang International Photo Festival in 2009.

We will do our best to play a leading role in the domestic photography and culture by providing opportunities both domestic and international photography can be viewed through the international photo exhibitions, which can be aware of the stream of the international photography world, connecting with prominent museums abroad.